Why do you need this?

We realize you just want your home and be comfortable.  But we’re pretty certain what you don’t want is breakdowns, cold showers and to see energy dollars needlessly go up the chimney.  Our latest equipment has evolved to be more efficient, environmentally friendly and techno oriented to be controlled from your phone but all that comes at a substantial cost.  Our Red thunder additive along with regular scheduled maintenance assures you are getting the most out of your existing equipment and that in turn saves you immediate dollars without the substantial investment.  What does our Red Thunder do for you…?

It has a Cleaning Agent which dissolves built up carbon, varnish and other chemical deposits from your burner nozzles and pumps. This allows the oil burner to operate more efficiently and can save on overall heating fuel costs. Your oil burner atomized the oil into a fine spray. The spray pattern of the atomized heating oil is a key factor in how efficiently the furnace burns and converts the oil to heat. Build-up of varnish, gum and impurities in the nozzle can disrupt the spray pattern and lead to less efficient combustion.

It has a Water Eliminating Agent to rid condensation in your home heating oil tank.  Through condensation, water can accumulate in the tank and subsequently be introduced into your burner. Excess water can cause rust problems in the tank, the lines and other parts of your home heating system & foul your oil filters. In addition, water in your oil tank can lead to the growth of bacteria and algae which can also cause buildup of slime which clogs the supply system. Red Thunder rids your tank of water through emulsification.  With no water … we allow no bacteria and no algae!

It has an Anti-Gel Agent which keeps your oil flowing at low temperatures.  With outside tanks or lines exposed to the elements, paraffin, (wax) can come out of solution and clog the lines and filters. Red Thunder lowers the pour point by as much as 25 degrees and keeps Old Man winter from chilling your home on those wintery nights.

It has a Oxidation Reducer. In the case of home heating oil, oxidation can de-stabilize the fuel and cause it to break down and be less combustible, (harder to burn). Slowing oxidation insures that your heating oil remains "fresh" and provides the most heating energy savings increasing your system’s efficiency as much as 5%.

Do the math; 700 gallons x $3.60 = $2,520.  5% is a savings of $126.00! 

It dissolves Sludge. Today’s oil is more unstable and many older oil tanks may have a buildup of sludge that has settled out of the oil over the years and accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Red Thunder’s sludge dissolving agents cause these molecular chains to break up and allow you to get all the BTU’s out of your oil and keep you tank in tip top condition.  More savings!